Blue Mountains Cabins

Wollemi Cabin


At Wollemi Wilderness Cabin you live in the past with all the luxuries of the present. The morning sun falls on the bedrooms, giving a warm, caressing wake up call to the sleeper. The living room and verandas are within reach of the last rays of the evening sun. Spend the days lying back and savouring the million year old view.

Wollemi Wilderness Cabin is built on Mt Condor Ridge at Mountain Lagoon in the National Park. The cabin was built in accordance with ecologically sustainable development principles. Its architecture reflects that of first white settlers to the Hawkesbury Blue Mountains region - the iconic Australian timber slab cottage.

Wollemi Wilderness Cabin won 'Excellence in Housing' awards for best environmental dwelling. It is made completely of Australian native timbers and contains the latest solar and waste recycling technology. The dwelling showcases how we can live in harmony with one of the oldest and most fragile landscapes on earth.

We have taken a range of photos to show you more about Blue Mountains Cabins; the property, rooms, Bilpin and the surrounding area.